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an entire line created for the best performance

Starting with cleaning, removing dirt and grease, passing through lubrication and finishing: in all stages of care for your bike, Elephant Sports is present.

As true lovers of cycling and nature, our sustainable commitment goes through every step of our processes, which ensures us to focus on continuous improvement in our manufacturing and relationships – with our employees, customers and partners.


If you are passionate about sport and your bike is more than a tool but a life partner, the STANDARD line meets all expectations with high quality, efficiency and protection for you and your bike. Meets the high levels of demand and expectations for your day-to-day pedaling and training.

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Has your hobby stopped being an option and has become part of your life? Are competitions, diet and high performance part of your goals? So the PREMIUM line is the category that will meet the highest level of performance. Efficiency and greater power delivery in your pedal is now within your reach!

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