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who we are

The Elephant brand was born out of a passion for road cycling and nature, and progressed from being a hobby to a sustainable company. It was launched in 2019 as a national alternative to meet the growing demand for bicycle cleaning and maintenance products, which were powered by imported products and which invariably darkened in the current and were not always biodegradable.

Each product in the Elephant line was specially developed and thought to meet the diverse needs of the cycling market, providing a complete line of products for all audiences in this market. All products are biodegradable and focused on providing safety and quality to our customers.

The Elephant line is one of several lines of the Rendicolla group, a company founded in 2005 specializing in glues and adhesives, with a strong presence in the national and international market.

Our main objective is to manufacture products with quality, safety, agility and respect for the environment, focusing on the satisfaction of our customers and the development of lasting partnerships. Cycling and taking care of nature: The Elephant way of believing in the world!

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